Erwin Neher - Nobel Laurate 1991
Stefan Hell - Nobel Laurate 2014
Ian Baldwin, Philippe Bastiaens, Jens Brüning, Tobias Bonhoeffer, Alon Chen, Winfried Denk, Gregor Eichele, Manfred Gahr, Christian Griesinger, Peter Gruss, Moritz Helmstaedter, Thomas Jenuwein, Tom Jovin, Regine Kahmann, Stefan Kaufmann, Benjamin Kaupp, Rolf Kemler, Werner Kühlbrandt, Andrea Musacchio, Ilme Schlichting, Ralf Sommer, Mark Stitt, Walter Stühmer, Lothar Willmitzer
Gabriela Amodeo, Carlos Ballare, Francisco Barrantes, Jorge Casal, Pablo Cerdan, Alejandro Colman Lerner, Gonzalo de Prat Gay, Jose Maria Delfino, Patricia Elizalde, Alberto Kornblihtt, Gabriel Mindlin, Javier Palatnik, Fernando Pitossi, Gabriel Rabinovich, Marcelo Rubinstein, Anabella Srebrow, Alejandro Schinder, Alejandro Vila

The conference will cover front line topics in biological sciences presented by two Nobel laureates and renowned scientists of the Max Planck Society of Germany and important Argentine research centers. Postgraduate academic and outreach scientific activity of the Instituto de Investigación en Biomedicina de Buenos Aires – CONICET – Partner Institute of the Max Planck Society (IBioBA-MPSP) in the frame of the FOCEM-Mercosur Biomedicine project.
We regret to inform that for reasons of health Professor Stefan Hell has had to cancel his visit to Argentina and therefore we will not count on his presence in the Symposium "Frontiers in Bioscience 2". The ceremony will be held unaltered and will end at 18:30.
In order to complete the registration, please fill the registration form and send it attached by mail to fronterasbiociencia2@ibioba-mpsp-conicet.gov.ar. The registration is free and open since 12th of July.
Registration Form

Registration has been closed to the Symposium Frontiers in Bioscience 2 due to the maximum capacity of the Auditorium.
A space for poster presentations will be available during the Symposium, in which students and Postdocs will present their works. Those interested in making a presentation must register with deadline October 5th, attaching an abstract with no more than 300 words, along with the registration form.

New deadline for applying: September 26th
Requirements to be eligible to apply for scholarships to attend the Symposium Frontiers in Bioscience 2:
  • PhD students or Postdocs in biological/biomedical or related sciences at a university (no BA area) from Argentina or in a country of the Mercosur.
  • Complete the registration to participate in the Symposium with poster presentation and send the requested abstract.
  • Submit CV and a brief letter of intent specifying the reasons for applying for the grant.

  • The Grant covers only transport costs and accommodation.
    The availability of resources for grants is limited, so presentations of topics related to those of the Symposium will be prioritized.

    Scientific coordination: Eduardo Arzt and Herbert Jäckle