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Dr. Antonia Marin Burgin


PhD in Biological Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (2000). Research internship at the Institute of Physiology, University of Wuerzburg, Germany (1999-2001). Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California San Diego, USA (2002-2008). In 2009 she came back to Argentina as Researcher from CONICET, where she worked at the Laboratory of Neuronal Plasticity at the Leloir Institute (2009-2012). From 2013 she joined the IBIOBA-MPSP as a leader of the Neuronal Circuits Research Group

Selected publications

Pardi M.B., Ogando M.B., Schinder A.F., Marin-Burgin A.
Differential inhibition onto developing and mature granule cells generates high-frequency filters with variable gain
eLife 4:e08764 (2015)

Marin-Burgin A, Mongiat LA, PardiMB, Schinder AF.
Unique Processing During a Period of High Excitation/Inhibition Balance in Adult-Born Neurons.
Science 335:1238-42 (2012)

Marin-Burgin A, Schinder AF.
Requirement of adult-born neurons for hippocampus-dependent learning.
Behav Brain Res 227:391-399 (2012)

Pouille F*, Marin-Burgin A*, Adesnik H, Atallah BV, ScanzianiM. * Equal contribution
Input normalization by global feed forward inhibition expands cortical dynamic range.
Nature Neurosci 12:1577-1585 (2009)

Baca SM*, Marin-Burgin A*, Wagenaar DA, KristanJr WB.* Equal contribution
Widespread Inhibition proportional to excitation controls the gain of a leech behavioral circuit.
Neuron 57:276-289 (2008)

Marin-Burgin A, Eisenhart FJ, Baca SM, KristanJr WB, French KA
Sequential development of electrical and chemical synaptic connections generates a specific behavioral circuit in the leech.
J Neurosci 25:2478-2489 (2005)

Wach J*, Marin-Burgin A*, Klusch A, Forster C, Engert S, Sccwab A, Petersen M* Equal contribution
Low-Threshold Heat Receptor in Chick Sensory Neurons is Upregulated Independently of Nerve Growth Factor after Nerve Injury.
Neuroscience 117:513-519 (2003)

Marín-Burgin A,Szczupak L
Network Interactions among Sensory Neurons in the Leech.
J Comp Physiol A 189:59-67 (2003)

Marín-Burgin A, Reppenhagen S, Klusch A, Wendland JR, Petersen M.
Low-Threshold Heat Response Antagonized by Capsazepine in Chick Sensory Neurons, which are capsazepine-insensitive.
Eur J Neurosci 12:3560-3566 (2000)